It’s the start of us, waking up…come on. Are you ready? I’ll be ready. I don’t want control, I want to let go. Are you ready?

This is Rebeccah.

I first met her as a client when I worked in Vergennes. She is one of those people where you don’t mind diving deep with them in conversation shortly after you meet them. I looked forward to when she would come in because when we talked it was easy and our thoughts and beliefs about matters could easily flow along in the same current. Also,  I know that if we came to a place where we had different views,  they could be heard in a space that was respectful. I appreciate and share Rebeccah’s vision of health and wellness and the love of women and all that we represent. She instantly came to mind when I met with a photographer, Elisabeth Waller,  about a project and the day came where we made it happen. Makeup, music, movement, and self-expression were present that morning. It was a day where I could’ve run purely on the energy in the room.





These photos are for the love of women and I hope you can connect with Rebeccah too in her words below and in the shadows and shapes of the pictures included.

When I asked Rebeccah how she felt doing this the words included “fun, ageless, perfect” and “in my element” She teaches yoga and hoop and bellydance fusion at Vergennes Movement and she said she can always feel the connection between the physical and the internal meaning of the practice. There she feels whole, beautiful, and capable of expressing what needs to come out. These moves coupled with one of my favorite artists to move to created these amazing moments. Listen here:

 River-Bishop Briggs


The Way I Do-Bishop Briggs


Another topic Rebeccah and I will come together on and explore is the juncture of mid-life and what we find important to this season of being  a woman, mother, lover and human. To Rebeccah,  what is important right now is honest connections. Also family, imperfection and living shamelessly in her own truth. “I don’t want to live in bullshit anymore and cover up who I am”

I get her and I get that. There’s something wonderful about approaching mid-life and some of the things we’ve held so tightly too are begging to be let go of. Image, status, fears, relationships and the list goes on but your body us constantly telling the body what it wants. I was inspired to see the freedom in her movement that day.

To her, spending time doing things that make her feel alive is a priority. “The weather, I want to feel the elements on my body every day. I want to feel being human.”

Rebeccah on being a mom… “Being super present with my kids is important and understanding our time with them is so temporary. When you’re stressed you can’t be present” I totally get this from being a van driving, soccer mom. Half of our good conversations (and meals) can take place in the car. 


Rebeccah plans to share her practice in the Middlebury area this winter. I already got my hula hoops on the side of the road in a free pile. If it looks easy, it’s not. There’s nothing that can get me sweating quicker than 5 minutes trying to make that circle spin. The gift I got that day was a reminder of how our bodies are aching to talk. Whether you feel it in pain or joy, it wants to know you’re paying attention and it wants to move and there is healing in the expression. If you have any interest in attending one of Rebeccah’s workshops please comment below. Also you can find her currently teaching at Vergennes Movement .As for Elisabeth and I,  we have more fun projects up our sleeves and can’t wait to share them with you. If you have any interest in being photographed please visit Elisabeth’s website and view her work  here.

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